Building & Refurbishment

Our comprehensive refurbishment service includes repairing concrete, external and internal finishes and/or upgrades replacing plant equipment such as the water filtration and circulation system, heating systems and underwater lights.

Pool equipment over the years will naturally suffer wear and tear, when this happens it is vital that a qualified swimming pool engineer renews your equipment with the correct replacements.

Plant room equipment such as Pipe work, Pumps, Heaters, Pool controls, filter media and all other swimming pool parts full into Plant room refurbishment. Refurbishing your swimming pool’s filtration will enhance performance and energy efficiency, as well as water quality.

when you consider your next project you are making a large financial and time consuming commitment. We will do our best to make this a successful, efficient and unique experience. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. When building or refurbing a pool/spa, taking the time to survey and construct every aspect of the project correctly is something we take seriously. Please take a look at our social media section to keep upto date with our most recent work and completed projects. We hope they inspire you to call us to

Salt Chlorinaters

We have found that Salt chlorinators drastically minimise chemical consumption in a pool. Clients testimonials reflect the unit’s impact on the market, they are energy efficient, they make water healthy, crystal clear, and ready to swim in year-round. In fact, a Mineral / salt water chlorinated pool requires considerably less attention than a standard chlorinated pool.